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Peter Rindt

The Scientific definition of sustainability

For a while now we have been trying to make sense of the question: What is sustainability exactly? After all, without a clear measurable definition, how can we ever know if we have done enough to make our society sustainable? Or too little? Would it even be possible to do too much? Much has been written about what sustainability entails: for example, the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations [1], the Doughnut Economy framework by Kate Raworth [2], and the concept of ecological footprint [3]. In this article, however, we dive into the science underneath.

Internal report ... why?

All research by eso-x is recorded in internal reports. On this page you find such a report. These reports are check by external experts, and based on their comments they are improved until the experts are satisfied. The method of checking is called: peer-review. 

The goal of the reports is to get all the facts straight, and to present them to the experts. So, these reports are intended for expert readers!

We start making videos and articles that are accessible to all everyone only after the experts approve the report. That way the facts have already been checked.

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