Earth System Optimizer

For people who want to make their spending more sustainable:

We find solutions to global problems by analyzing and optimizing the Earth System as a whole,

and, with industry partners, we create and offer consumer products so people can contribute to these solutions.

Today, mankind is the dominant influence everywhere on the Earth:

The Anthropocene

In this new age we can cause and solve problems on a larger scale than ever before.

Problems are now:

This is why the UN created: 

These problems require global collaboration to:

Understand them, find solutions, and gather sufficient resources. 

But it seems like multilateralism between nation states has reached its limits...

... because governments must put their national interests first to stay in power.

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As living conditions improve, many global citizens do want to contribute to a better world.

Together we already have enough resources to solve our global problems.

The 5% people with the highest income wield 30% of GDP (~ $ 25 tn/y)

Ideally we find new ways to work together globally to solve global problems.

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ESO-X helps :

Imagine you are a consumer and you want to make your fixed expenses sustainable in the best possible way (e.g: energy, insurance, internet, etc.), but you dont want do research every year, or change all your contracts… ESO-X does this for you. 

But ... what are optimized products really?

Optimized products are attuned to each other to find the most efficient sustainable solutions to our problems.

We won't just recommend existing products.

We will:

  1. Develop optimized products and services  with industry partners.
  2. Arrange the contracts for for the products you want.
  3. Re-negotiate and re-optimize periodically.
  4. Provide you with all information you want.

You can start, stop, change, and view your products in the app and the web portal.

You won't have to worry about managing your energy/insurance/etc. contracts ever again (almost).

Click the DEMO app >

Our market:

Will there be any interested customers?

Pessimistic assumption:

Maslow’s psychological need to contribute to the world only exists with high enough income. 


70% of consumers buy green electricity        (while <2% is produced sustainably).

We aim to reach > 200 M customers, spending > $ 1 tn/y with us.

Peter Rindt

Dreamer and solver of complex engineering problems for the greater good.

PhD in Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion

Awardee of the EUROfusion Engineering Grant for design work on the European DEMO fusion reactor.

Winning entry to the St. Gallen Symposium essay competition for Leaders of Tomorrow with the idea behind X.

Ivana Abramovic

Driven to have a positive impact on the future, by the experience of a war.

PhD in Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion

Awardee of the Rubicon grant to work with MIT based startup, Commonwealth Fusion Systems.

Winner of the Rising Talent prize by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and participant of the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Maximilian Messmer

Solving the great challenges of our time – where his heart truly lies.

PhD in Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion

Inventor of a new type of fusion reactor.

CEO of rowing platform Tracklete, co-owner of community app Enjoyn, and senior scientist at startup Dynaxion.

Photos: Bart van Overbeeke



If we fulfill our market potential, our turnover is roughly equal to the GDP of the 5th largest country in the world (India), and we are working towards a common good. 

Endgame: Let’s create a new effective global institution. Let’s …

Convert a regular company into a UNITED PEOPLE.

Via a founding treaty similar to that of the UN, but signed by people. Not nations. 

Creates the status of that of a “global nation”, with as much legitimacy as a nation state.

Fills an important gap in the international landscape:

An institution with a truly global mandate.

We keep the same business model. Legal status is not restricted by national market authorities and allows higher efficiency.